Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who is Michel Foucault ?

When I was in college, I studied French culture and philosophy.I was eager to learn Michel Foucault's thought.Because he was a kind of philosophic hero in Japan.

Today, I am not so facsinated with his thought.Because his way of thinking is extremly
complex,and has no trust in human moral.

Now I think his thought itself is not effective against problems in this world.

Recently I found his film in Youtube. Michel Foucault is speaking!!!Wow!

How beautiful the words he is saying!!!
I am surprised with his talking.He talks very fast ,but his talking is perfect description. Description of how to philosophize human history.

If you understand French,you should watch it.
You will see the best manipulator of words and description of thought in this world.

I want to write this video 's contents,but the tranlation French into English is very very difficult for me.

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