Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Buy t-shirt at Project Love for Japan

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Today I intorduce to you the site "Love for Japan"

Love for Japan




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CRASH Japan, www.CrashJapan.com

World VIsion, www.WorldVision.org

"Love For Japan" is selling men’s and women’s v-neck t-shirts for rescue relief in in the areas affected by the devastation of earthquake, tsunami, and the aftermath.Thousands have lost their lives and countless others are without homes. Please support this cause by purchasing a shirt that reads "Love For Japan" for only $15 with 100% of the proceeds being donated for rescue and relief. Please keep up to date with news of funds raised, people who are supporting, and updates of the organizations we are giving to. We are non-profit organization with a valid 9-5 number.

This is not about being a world away or our differences. Its about humanity.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let me introduce to you our accsation

Ladies and Gentlemen

Me, Mayumi Fukara is the member of "SNS-FreeJapan”SNS Free-Japan

Today, our administrator of "SNS-FreeJapan”Shinya Kotsubo proposes important accusation.

Please let me introduce to you his serious prosecution.

The Accusation of Deliberate Destruction of Fukushima Daiichi Plant Unit 1 Designed by General Electoric

I am Shinya Kotsubo from a conservative political organization administrator called "SNS-FreeJapan” (a conservative political social networking website http://sns-freejapan.jp/)".
We primarily focus on lobbying for administrative procedures, information disclosure requests, and petitions. Our activity is slightly less moderate than “The Boston Tea Party” in the U.S.
My occupation is the president of the company called "Counter Culture" that is governing SNS-FreeJapan.
I do hereby accuse the destruction of Fukushima Daiichi Plant Unit 1 based on the belief between my senior at high school graduate, Kunihiko Iwadare (the founder of NEC Corporation) and Thomas Edison (founder of GE).

The accident at Fukushima Daiichi Plant Unit 1, designed by General Electric, was caused by The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. There is a possibility that the Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, might have been the reason for the GE nuclear reactor to become damaged. Due to his ulterior motive to take advantage of this incident, to gain popularity, he tarnished GE's dignity. I would like to apologize for these issues.

"The Relationship Between GE and NEC"

Mr. Iwadare, NEC founder, graduated Toyozu High School (currently called IKUTOKUKAN Senior High School). After the graduation of the school, he moved to Tokyo and studied engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. From 1882 to 1886, he worked for Ministry of Engineering in Japan for 4 years. After that, Mr. Iwadare went to the U.S and he worked at Edison Machine Works (General Electric).

Mr. Idaware returned to Japan, hoping to participate in building the electronic industry in Japan. He joined Osaka Dento (Osaka Electric Lamp Company) as an electronic engineer in order to obtain an electric generator.
During time, Mr. Iwadare and Mr. Edison augued about the electrical current of the generator. Although Edison advocated direct current, Mr. Iwadare chose alternating current. Mr. Iwadare finally procured alternating current generator from Thomson Western which was conflicting with GE.

One assumption is that, the delay opening the vent to release the pressure by a certain time may be the primary reason for the explosion. The reason of the delay is as follows (quoting the document released by office of the Prime Minister on March 12, 8:50pm):

[8:30am : Reactor 1, the opening of the vent to release the pressure was to begin around 9am.] The actual opening occurred, however, at 2pm, as the record states. [At 2pm, the valve of reactor 1 was opened due to its high well pressure.]

They started opening the vent at 2PM, which is 5 hours later than originally planned.

The result was the lowering of the pressure from 0.75mpa to 0.67mpa. The pressure decreased further to 0,54mpa at 3: 28pm.

But [At 3:36pm, another earthquake occurred and the enormous noise and smoke were realized to be at reactor 1].
[At 4:17pm, it was determined that article 15 of Nuclear Disaster Regulation had occurred because the radioactivity was over 500μSV/h.]

*-* Note: it states that the pressure buildup was BEFORE the earthquake.
The reason why the opening the vent was delayed

The crucial timeline of lifesaving efforts is said to be within 72 hours of the crisis, which was the uniformed opinion of all the political parties. The consensus was made not to dispatch a delegation to the area.

Japanese paper of ASAHI on 11th march 7PM 31min report.

The action of the Prime Minister contradicts with that consensus.
[On March 12, at 5:14am, the PM left the office on a helicopter from the roof of his office.]
[He was accompanied by his advisor Mr. Terada and the nuclear safety chairman Mr. Haruki Hanmoku.]
[At 7:11am, the helicopter arrived at Fukusima nuclear power plant (town owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO) at Oukuma.]
[At 7:19am, The people were seated in one of the surviving buildings.]
[At 7:23am, Mr. Muto, the vice president of TEPCO, explained the situation, with Mr. Ikeda, the deputy minister of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry present.]
[At 8:04am, the PM left the site.]

Because of this unexpected visit by the PM, the opening of the vent was delayed..
TEPCO was not able to open the valve for 3 hours between 5am and 8am to provide a safe environment for the PM, even though Nuclear Safety Committee was aware that the opening should happen at 3am.
We request that the IAEA become involved with this particular investigation. Due to the careless behavior of Mr. Kan, the PM, the necessary action to minimize the disaster was delayed.

Why did Kan visited the plant? To mimic Carter magic?

When the Three Mile Island accident happened, then President, Jimmy Carter visited the site.
Events started to change for the better after his visit and the public called it “The Carter Magic”.
Things were turning for the better already due to the good work of the engineers when Carter visited.
Carter knew this and used it to his advantage, and this is was what people talked about later.

I think Naoto Kan had some knowledge of how nuclear plants work since he is a science major.
He must have calculated that, if his arrival and the opening of the vent happened close to each other, his visit was going to be the sign of changes for the better. Mr Kan could have written this scenario and inevitably, delayed the opening of the valve, which led to the explosion of the core.
It is probable that Kan may have wanted that “Carter Magic” for himself.

As a result, the idea of nuclear safety and reliability were damaged. This created a ripple effect than also damaged the credibility of GE, which is a great USA company.
To think that this destruction was created because of Kan’s short sighted attempt to gain popularity, is unforgivable and hereby ask IAEA to start the investigation.

I feel obligated to ask IAEA to conduct an investigation so that GE can regain its reputation. I believe I need to do this, like Mr. Iwadare once honored the trust of Edison.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Repassem e divulgem o site "RAC.com.br" que eh o jornal on-line do Correio

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Repassem e divulgem o site "RAC.com.br" que eh o jornal on-line do Correio
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan needs your help

Hello everyone.
You know, my coutry is suffering from awesome earthquake and Tsunami.
So many people went to a refuge, and my mother was one of them.

Because my mother was living in the town that the nuclear power plants stands.

I say, if you love Japan and Japanese culture,please read this site!!!

You can donate from here!!!

Redcross org.

Even if it is a little bit, you can save our country!!!

Thank you for reading.