Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dying for something

One of my friend says to me that characters of my novels don't hesitate in going into labyrinth of love which is called enthusiasm.
I can not recognize whether this idea is right or wrong,but I would prefer to say my characters really want a shelter from their problems.

Characters of my novels are very weak,but they become so strong when they find something tremendous, something beyond expression.
Because they are always irritated with daily lives,which is bankrupt of splendor.

Irritation and eagerness are the banner of my novels.

I believe all of you who reading this blog are dying for something beyond expression.
I really understand it.

★picture above is drawn by Keiko Kasahara, one of my friend.She is a very talented artist who creates many picture of animals. I love it.

T シャツ・オリジナルT シャツのデザインガーデン Keiko珍獣や

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