Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to the beautiful Japanese embroidery world!

Today,I proudly introduce the biggest school of Japanese Embroidery named "Kurenai-kai" to you.
"Kurenai-kai" operates an atelier of emboidery, and schools at Tokyo, Nagoya,Osaka.
Also, they publishes books of beautiful embroidery.

Honnest to say, I have been friends with a vice-president of this school^^.She teaches embroidery in the class, and gives a presentation of the works made by "Atelier Kurenai-kai".
She talks the beauty of Japanese Embroidery not only in Japan ,but also in USA,and Europe.She is like a missionary.

The most of works made by "Kurenai-kai" are Kimonos and Obis.I always see tremendous Kimonos in Exibition!!!
But,there are also many interior goods ,and bags.

In spring ,Kurenai-kai presents big Exibition in Tokyo ,Nagoya, Osaka.Please check the website.

The 35th Japanese Embroidery Exhibition held by Kurenai-kai

You cannot imagine how grace these works are if you see them only on the internet!!!

I am looking forword to seeing these works at Ginza.

★Picture above is a book published by Kurenai-kai.

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