Monday, February 8, 2010

New novels are on sale

Mayumi Fukara's works are now on sale.

Check here!
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デジぱれ ブランド名深良マユミ

Sorry ,japanese only.

I am going to send you my novels by Kindle someday.


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  2. Oh! Mayumi. You have released a new novel! It's good. What is a theme of your new one? Is it a love-story? Review of art? Or review of old Japanese culture? You are familiar with many genres. I look forward to read it.

  3. Hello Mr Nobeok^^ Gad to see you on this blog.
    I released 2 new novels at the japanese download site,2weeks ago^^

    Youcan read the introduction of "P座標、原点"on my japanese blog "深良マユミの夢の浮き橋".
    To buy my novels,please check this site.

    デジぱれ ブランド名深良マユミ
    Have a good day!!