Friday, February 5, 2010

I am a performer

I really love Noh music! So I have been lerning to play Ohkawa, since 2006.

This year, I will perform Ohkawa on the National Noh Theater at Sendagaya.

The photo above : Me, playing Ohkawa .
The tune I played is "Aoinoue".This is the most popular tune.


  1. Hello Mayumi, what play will you perform at the National Noh Theatre?

  2. Hello Diego,thank you for your comment!
    I will play "Ashikari" at the National Noh Theatre.
    Did you see "Ashikari"?It is the story of divorced couple.
    But a wife and a husband realize love for their partner,then they engage again^^
    I am sorry to being late to answer your comment!!
    See you again on the website.

  3. Hallo Myumi ,thank you
    for youre paforomanse

    good at laghf and Japanise Heart

    old story play at NY thater,

    best of rigard.

    in tokyo
    domingo Yasuhiro Kasuga

  4. Hello ,Mr Kasuga domingo^^
    Glad to see you on this blog!
    My english remains still levels of primary school girl,a-haha^^;
    I wanna write english better^^
    Thanks for all of your supports,and best of regard!!!