Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why does kimono attract people?

I believe kimono is a special costume. Because it changes a woman into a gorgeous and mysterious creature. Kimono is different from other national costume.

Why kimono has such a special power? I believe its secret is to wrapp woman's skin delicately.

Woman's skin(or body)is full of fascnation and lusciousness. Obviously,costume occidental helps its attraction.

Contrary, kimono hyde woman's body and skin. It is like a stoic wear.But it doesn't hyde woman's beaty and fascnation.

Kimono hydes woman's body imperfectly.You can see that a woman in kimono is moving.

See her wrist out of sleeves.Tremendous beaty existes.

Kimono makes a woman in motion into an irresistible creature.It is true.

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