Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Buy t-shirt at Project Love for Japan

Hi everybody!

Today I intorduce to you the site "Love for Japan"

Love for Japan




Nikki Mata // Jesse Bailey

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Thank you to Jennifer Johnson of "Monograms Junction Too" a print company supporting "Love For Japan"!


Los Angeles, CA


CRASH Japan, www.CrashJapan.com

World VIsion, www.WorldVision.org

"Love For Japan" is selling men’s and women’s v-neck t-shirts for rescue relief in in the areas affected by the devastation of earthquake, tsunami, and the aftermath.Thousands have lost their lives and countless others are without homes. Please support this cause by purchasing a shirt that reads "Love For Japan" for only $15 with 100% of the proceeds being donated for rescue and relief. Please keep up to date with news of funds raised, people who are supporting, and updates of the organizations we are giving to. We are non-profit organization with a valid 9-5 number.

This is not about being a world away or our differences. Its about humanity.

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