Saturday, January 9, 2010

Watching NFL

I love watching American major sports(NBA ,NFL, MLB, and NHL).The best is NFL!!!

I like Dallas Cowboys^^. I am happy Dallas beated Philadelphia Eagles!

In NBA, I cheer New York Knicks.They were tremendous team in 90's, but reacently, they are almost"Doormat"^^;! Oh my Goooooooood!(sigh).

The player of Dallas, I watch Mike Jenkins#21(Conerback).His talent is magnificent!!!!

I am eager to Tony Romo's beautiful pass, and wanna go to Cowboys studium someday.

★photo above is Osaka Dome. Me and my husband went to Japan bowl at Osaka Dome in the summer of 2002.
The game was " Sanfrancisco 49 ers vs Washington Redskins”.

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